Hi there! I'm Frank

Data Engineer
living in České Budějovice

My full name is František Řehoř. Don't worry, nobody except Czechs is able to pronounce it, thus call me simply Frank ;-)
I'm a Data Engineer living in the city of Budweiser beer.

I'm fluent in SQL and reporting tools like Power BI. I'm constantly improving my programming skills, mostly in Python. Command line Docker and GIT are also slowly becoming my good friends.

For my clients I design and build reports and ETL procedures with Keboola Connection. On daily basis, I'm experiencing with REST APIs and wrangling data of any format and any source.

I have a 5+ years experience in online marketing ecommerce web analytics, with retail and wholesale. I have cooperated on projects for clients from i.e. telco banking logistics culture or fashion industry.

Wanna meet and talk?
Drop me a line or stop by in cowocb in the center of České Budějovice.

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